operate at the velocity of data
with routeOS

An operating system to merge business operators and operational data into a single unified data model for accelerated time to alpha and unbounded efficiency across the organization.


apply the right model for the task

Not every task requires one trillion parameters and we offer our own proprietary enterprise tuned FIONA models and open source models to tailor to your workflows and requirements.
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keep your data with you

At Route, we care deeply about data privacy and security so we tailor solutions to meet our clients enterprise security requirements like SOC 2, HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, and CCPA.

"route is building the future of finance operations"

Kendall Partie
Head of Finance, Teachable

"AI will revolutionize how businesses operate and grow"

Bilkay Rose
Finance Operator

start with our bootloader

Route towards the future of financial operations with a clear understanding of operational gaps and identify your path to upgrade to a business operating system.