The operating system fortreasury excellence

Modern treasury operations with unified data, AI powered workflows, and integrated payments

Revolutionizing Corporate Treasury

Query and analyze business performance with natural language processing
Improve cash flow ratios with enhanced Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable workflows
AI insights and reconciliation you can trust with built in reinforcement learning workflows
Traditional and open source payment networks to move value anywhere in the globe at the speed of the internet

How it works



Achieve seamless integration by consolidating your ERP, Bank, and CRM data systems into a unified platform. Our robust APIs and file uploads capabilities enable us to tailor our platform to match your unique workflows.



Access all your data in a unified, indexed, synchronized format, ready for in-depth analysis. Our support for SQL and vector search empowers you to query data on your terms.



Empower your treasury operations with a contextually trained AI, armed with a deep understanding of corporate treasury practices. Unlock opportunities for enhanced efficiency and risk management.

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Enterprise integrations
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Forecast with precision and transparency

Equipped with real-time data streams and dynamic tools for "what if" scenario planning, finance professionals can objectively forecast capital with less blind spots and data errors.

AI powered trend analysis for revenue and expense
Tools for dynamic "what if" scenario planning with dynamic visualization
Drill down into the transaction data and segment by accounts or teams

Capital markets at your fingertips

Enrich your insights and benchmark performance against capital markets. With fresh data streams uncover opportunities and identify gaps faster.

Navigate uncertain capital markets with real-time data streams and insights delivered to your corporate message or email service
Evaluate market opportunities and risks faster equipped with the corpus of the internet and semantic search
Track, benchmark. and set alerts on market performance

Integrated Payments

Manage global liquidity like a pro with open payment networks that move capital at the speed of the internet with zero transaction fees.

Traditional and open payment networks to provide safe and cost effective commerce anywhere in the world
Tailored approval workflows and role based access controls with full audit capability
Reconcile transactions with precision and speed to focus on more strategic tasks
Enterprise Bitcoin and Lightning Network Support
Integrated. Innovative. Proven.
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What people are saying about us

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"I'm buzzing on what Route is building. This is the type of product that finance teams need."

Kendall Partie
Director Finance at Teachable

"There is clearly a need for managing cash and many companies just don’t have the resources (employees or applications) that not only manage the current state, but more so their future requirements and gaps."

Tom N.

"The next generation of AI enabled technology will revolutionize the finance and treasury space. RouteOS disrupts business as usual with an AI native platform for treasury that automates cash management and provides enhanced predictive analytics. I can't think of anything more exciting for the world of treasury operations.

Bilkay Rose
VP Global Treasury and Payments

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